Vision Leadership Alumni

Name Erica Land
Class 2016-2017
Company St. Charles Library District
Name Rabbi Chaim A. Landa
Class 2020-2022
Company Chabad Jewish Center of St. Charles County
Name Colleen Lang
Class 1999-2000
Company Union Planters
Name Jennifer Lau
Class 2015-2016
Company AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
Name Cindy Lawson
Class 2019-2020
Company Edward Jones
Name John LeDoux
Class 2017-2018
Company Wentzville Fire Protection District
Name Denise Liebel
Class 1999-2000
Company Community Council
Name Demetria Lightfoot
Class 2018-2019
Company Youth In Need
Name Karen Lintz
Class 2017-2018
Company Gateway Region YMCA OFallon Family YMCA
Name Dean Looney
Class 2015-2016
Company Citi
Name Kim Lorenz
Class 2023
Company Unknown
Name Vito Lucido
Class 2013-2014
Company The Delta Center