Vision Leadership Gala Graduation

“Vision helped me develop my leadership skills resulting in a promotion. I have met many leaders through Vision, which offers priceless opportunities.”

Jackie Hoener – Restoring Hope

Vision Leadership Gala Graduation

“The Vision Program was beneficial to me because it allowed me to see a “bird’s eye view” of how our County operates.”

Cort Schneider – Schnedier Real Estate

Vision Leadership Gala Graduation

“The Vision program was beneficial to me because I became more aware of what St Charles County had to offer. I am proud to be living in St Charles County!”

Holly Stevens – Breeze Park

2024 Gala General Information

Our Graduation Gala is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of our Program Year and to launch a team of newly trained and informed leaders into our community. Vision provides a unique “behind the scenes” experience of the St. Charles County Community. This experience provides our participants with the information necessary for them to plug into an area that fuels their passion. We hope the participants will connect with a Chamber of Commerce, a Civic Organization or a non-profit to participate, contribute and volunteer in some capacity to make St. Charles County a stronger and vibrant community.

The Gala is also the time where we have a chance to honor one of our alumni as the Visionary of the Year – someone who is making a significant contribution within our community outside of the Vision Program. Past honorees have made tremendous impacts all across our community and we love the chance to honor one of our own who goes above and beyond.Join us and be part of this prestigious event, which will bring together leading enterprises, business leaders, investors, leaders for an evening of celebration, live music, fine food and wine, and networking.

Dress code:

Men: Business Formal
Women: Business Formal

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2024 Gala / Graduation Sponsorship Opportunities

Annually, the Vision Program honors a Vision Alumni for their outstanding work within the community that is not related to the Vision Program. These individuals are given the highest honor bestowed upon a Vision Alumni at our Graduation Gala – The Visionary of the Year.

Here are those alumni who have been honored in the past:
2006 – Rose Mack
2007 – Virginia Dowden
2008 – Joe Hogan
2009 – Denise Liebel
2010 – Bruce Sowatsky
2011 – Dr. Jim Ottomeyer
2012 – Raymond Castille
2013 – Barb Griffith
2014 – Nancy Cope
2015 – Laurie Stump
2016 – Mark A Hollander
2017 – Michelle Woods
2018 – Susan Sams
2019 – Christa Montgomery
2022 – John Glenn
2023 – Ed Akers