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Protégé allowed me the opportunity to connect with more like-minded individuals in St. Charles County–individuals who want to learn and grow, who want to serve, who want to see our County united and thriving. Meeting and getting to know my mentor, Carissa Figgins, has been a true pleasure and joy. Walking into our relationship, I thought we would only talk about work-related things and that she would be the giver of all the information I needed to grow as a leader. What I found was that our relationship organically grew into more than work-related topics and became more of a give and receive relationship very quickly. For that, I am truly grateful.

My mentor has always kept it real with me and has challenged me in ways that were necessary for me to see things differently and respond differently. Although I was not able to attend all events, and my mentor was recovering from surgery when this process began, I believe everything happened as it should have. Protégé has been a wonderful experience for myself and my mentor. Thank you!”

Darlyshia Menzie, Protégé 2020

Darlyshia & Carissa Figgins - Protégé Graduation

Darlyshia & Carissa – Protégé Graduation 2020