About Us

Our Mission: To educate community and business leaders by providing experiences that will increase awareness, develop leadership skills and motivate participants to be actively engaged in St. Charles County.

We help educate local leaders about:

  • Public Policy
  • Social Issues
  • Business Challenges
  • Future County Direction

We develop leaders who are:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Influential
  • Service Oriented
  • A Source of Future Civic Leaders

2023-2024 Vision Leadership Board

Vision Health Disclaimer

Vision St. Charles County Leadership recognizes the importance of reducing the spread of Covid-19 and fostering a healthy community. We also recognize the need for privacy and freedom of choice involving one’s personal health care decisions.

All Vision participants, board members and contracted Individuals are encouraged to observe St. Charles County Department of Public Health Covid-19 recommendations, and seek any necessary counsel from a family physician or a medical professional they trust.

We ask each individual to exercise personal responsibility and make informed decisions regarding their health status, to ensure a safe and healthy Vision experience for all.