Vision Leadership Partners

Vision Leadership Sponsorship Program is designed to allow our alumni and community businesses to invest based on resources and opportunities that they value. Our customizable partnership opportunities allow you the flexibility to invest at the level that makes since for you, your business or organization.

Your investment and your involvement in Vision Leadership St. Charles County allow us to further develop or mission and vision along with our commitment to furthering education.

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Click the Donate button below to pay your tuition for the year, make a donation to Vision Leadership, or pay for your sponsorship using a credit or debit card. You will be taken to a secure PayPal site to complete your transaction.

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Vision Leadership is a 501c3.
EIN: 43-1829591

Our Chamber Partners

Alumni Sponsors:

Barb Griffith Class of 2000
Denise Liebel Class of 2000
Jim Ottomeyer Class of 2000
Christa Montgomery Class of 2003
Emily Weber Class of 2005
Jeff Chapple Class of 2005
Scott Shipman Class of 2006
Adam Hopper Class of 2010
Kristen Williams Class of 2010
Mark Hollander Class of 2012
Renee Tillman Class of 2013
Brian Richardson Class of 2014
Jim Fingerhut Class of 2014
Michael Favazza Class of 2014
John Callahan Class of 2014
Josh Banes Class of 2014
Lori Kehoe Class of 2014
Tony Bryan Class of 2014
Bob Engert Class of 2015
Holly Murray Class of 2015
Jill Gould Class of 2015
Kelly Kerr Class of 2015
Erica Land Class of 2017
Jim Dreyer Class of 2017
Sheri Wiltse Class of 2017
Wendy Berry Class of 2017
Ally Walters Garrison Class of 2018
Molly Dempsey Class of 2018
Julie Egan Class of 2018
Karen Lintz Class of 2018
Scott Schneider Class of 2018
Taz Meyer Class of 2018
Demetria Lightfoot Class of 2019
Garrett Watson Class of 2019
John Dawson Class of 2019
Julie Turner Class of 2019
Justine Robinson Class of 2019
Kyle Gaines Class of 2019
Linda Buschman Class of 2019
Raymond Chandler Class of 2019
Rebecca Splain Class of 2019
Cindy Lawson Class of 2020
Jill Ruggeri Class of 2020
Kyle Dent Class of 2020
Lance Rogers Class of 2020
Lori Myers Class of 2020
Luke Giesmann Class of 2020
Molly Maher Class of 2020
Precious Smith Class of 2020