Vision Leadership Alumni

Name Jack Dabrowski
Class 2015-2016
Company BJC
Name Theresa Daly
Class 2016-2017
Company Barnes Jewish St. Peters Hospital
Name Jessica Davis
Class 2020-2022
Company St. Charles County Workforce and Business Development
Name Heather Dawson
Class 2004-2005
Company United Way of Greater STL
Name John Dawson
Class 2018-2019
Company Brian Dawson Roofing & Construction
Name Nina DeAngelo
Class 2014-2015
Company O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce & Industries
Name Heather Decker
Class Class of 2023-2024
Company BJC St. Charles County
Name Brad Dempsey
Class 2020-2022
Company Mindset Sports
Name Mary Dempsey
Class 2018-2019
Company St. Charles County Recorder of Deeds
Name Molly Dempsey
Class 2017-2018
Company St. Charles County
Name Kyle Dent
Class 2019-2020
Company Shamrocks Pub & Grill
Name Kacie Derby
Class 2019-2020
Company Baue Funeral Homes
Name Kevin Desain
Class 2000-2001
Company Desain and Associates
Name Sara Devine
Class 2017-2018
Company Delta Center
Name Laura DeVries
Class 2017-2018
Company CommCore Marketing LLC
Name Michael DiSalvo
Class 2015-2016
Company Krilogy Financial
Name Chaney Disselhorst
Class 2019-2020
Company Bayer
Name James Dreyer
Class 2016-2017
Company St. Charles City
Name Kathy Duck
Class 2019-2020
Company O'Fallon Chamber of Commerce
Name Brandy Dudenhoeffer
Class 2020-2022
Company Keller Williams
Name Lisa Dunham
Class 2004-2005
Company St. Charles City-County Library District
Name Kelly Dunkle
Class 2023
Company Unknown
Name John Durajczck
Class 2010-2011
Company Faithfully Yours Apparel & Promotions