Class Projects

Each year the class is divided into three Project Committees. The entire class votes on a list of possible topics and narrows it down to three projects. Class members then choose which of the three committees they would like to work on. Each committee has nine months to develop their project thesis and focus.

This phase of the Vision Leadership program has grown over the years providing valuable information and resources to the St. Charles community. Prior class’s projects have been discussed on local radio stations, published in local newspapers and magazines, and presented to local governments.

Fostering Hope. Foster Care Recruitment group project.

Group Project from Class of 2013 (BEST class ever)

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When we got together to do a group project, we knew that we wanted to focus on children's issues in our county.  After talking about the often traumatic event of being taken from their homes and going into the foster care program, we knew that we had found what we were passionate about.

Of course, we wanted to change the world: End hunger, stop evil doers & create world peace… but alas, that was just a bit out of our scope.

We were lucky enough to have a great ally in Judge Dan Pelikan, who sat down with our group & helped solidify what is needed. Simply put- MORE FOSTER PARENTS in our county. With the huge increase in the past few years of children in the system, we were shocked that none of us even knew the need. So many children need good quality, stable foster parents. The need has grown, the people willing to step up had not.

We hope that you watch this video, share it on your Facebook page, get it on your company’s website and help spread the word.

Our Children need YOU!


Group Members:

John Ditch, Susan Campbell, Vicky Walker, Marty Limpert, Suzanne Correnti, Alison Tucker, Danielle Fowler, Mary Lyman- Miller & Renee Tillman

Class of 2011 Projects

Project 1 – Coming of Age®

This group began with the subject “The Aging Population in St. Charles County”. Their project soon morphed into what is now known as Coming of Age®. In brief, Coming of Age® is a program that was first implemented at Temple University and has since been launched in many cities throughout North America. The program helps non-profits, community foundations, government agencies, and senior centers leverage the passions, skills, and talent of people 50+. This, in turn, helps build a community rich in opportunities for this population, and also helps people over 50 connect and contribute. It is worth noting that The Community Council of St. Charles County has been instrumental in supporting this group’s efforts to bring this program to the entire metro St. Louis area. Several members of this project group have expressed a desire to continue their efforts to bring this program to fruition in our community.

Coming of Age® Presentation #1 – 1MB PowerPoint
Coming of Age® Presentation #2 – 1MB PowerPoint

Project 2 – “The Huddle”

This group began with the subject “Tobacco Legislation in St. Charles County”. Because they had a difficult time trying to figure out how to go about producing a project from this subject, they spent a lot of time trying to come up with project ideas incorporating tobacco and smoking in general, but felt that a lot of their ideas had already been done. Finally, they settled on smoker productivity in the workplace and produced this video called “The Huddle”. It is both entertaining and educational.

Project 3 – Economic Development

This group began with the subject of “Attracting Large New Businesses to St. Charles County”. The title of their project actually became “Economic Development, Attaining and Retaining Business In St. Charles County”. Their presentation consisted of results from a survey they conducted by interviewing 100 executives from small businesses of less than 10 employees to companies with over 100 employees all located in St. Charles. The executives were asked to rank how important they thought certain topics in the County were to their business/industry. Then they were asked what they thought the County’s most important priorities should be. The results of the survey are contained in the included .ppt file. The group then compared their results with research from other cities. They then presented several programs that American cities have implemented that have helped them to attain and retain business. The group then presented an Action Plan for the County. Please review the .ppt presentation for more detailed information on this great project.

Economic Development Presentation – 1MB PowerPoint

Class of 2010 Projects

The Challenge of Homelessness:

The class of 2010 opted to do one large project targeted on the growing, yet sometimes disregarded issue of homelessness in St. Charles County. They created a video that they have already shown to multiple organizations to shed a light on the problem. Also included below is their PowerPoint presentation, which contains factual data collected from organizations in the St. Charles County area that work in assisting the homeless.

Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation – 1MB PowerPoint 2007 File

Watch the video below or click here.

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